Who Will Be King of Clay?

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It does seem as though the mens game is struggling to avoid predictability these days. I guess sooner or later there will be a winner at a major tournament outside of the big 4 (they’ve taken 34 of the last 36 Grad Sam titles) but for the moment we do seem to be stuck with the same possible winners. So, if you were going to have your annual flutter who should you place your fortune on?

King of ClayRoger Federer ­– the older of the big 4 by a few years, the question is, is that few years enough to make a difference this time round? Looking at how hard he had tofight to get though the third round it does not seem that he is destined for another French Open title in the autumn of his championship years but never write this man off.

Novak Jokovic – the number 2 seed in his round three match, he even dropped a set, unusually early in a campaign for a Grand Slam title. Probably the first name to eliminate from the list of possibilities based on current form.

Andy Murray – not looking as sharp as his Wimbledon 2013 best, perhaps it’s down to shaking in a new coach but his round three match didn’t seem to go quite as smoothly as you would expect it to for a defending champion. Murray does not have this title on his mantelpiece yet so that might just be enough to get him through. One the other hand….

Rafael Nadal-  8 times champion of the French Open and he openly admits that RoandGarros is his favourite place to play. He loves the sheer physicality of the clay court game, never mind the speed and agility of grass, it’s sheer brute strength all the way on clay, and Nadal loves it that way.

So, likely winners seem to be Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal and if pushed, I’d put my money on Nadal to take his ninth French Open title with Andy Murray number one contender for a repeat title on the grass surface with the advantage of the home fans support at Wimbledon.

Betting on match is popular, a spokesperson for the popular Asian online sports portal M88a admitted “We expect a surge of traffic to the website in and around the event”.