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Some football fans are happy watching any game that happens to be on TV. There’s nothing wrong with that. Real fans, though, want to see the best football around. Those are the fans that need to get Alabama football tickets.

Anyone who knows football knows that the Crimson Tide has won the BCS Championship two years in a row. They started the season at the top of the national rankings, and have held the spot thus far into the season, with not even the slightest glimmer of giving it up.

AJ McCarron, quarterback for the Alabama Crims...This team is a little bit different than previous teams coached by Nick Saban, though. Saban teams are well known for their running games, usually averaging over 200 rushing yards a game. While the ground game has been effective with T.J. Yeldon, they also have a terrific aerial attack, led by quarterback A.J. McCarron.

McCarron has had some unexpected help this year, though. Freshman A’Shawn Robinson has given a lift to the defensive line, pushing through opposing linemen. Safety Vinnie Sunseri always manages to get himself into the middle of a play—and make it—when the Tide needs one. WR DeAndrew White has been able to establish himself as a primary target for McCarron.

Jarrick Williams stepped in for the suspended Geno Smith and earned himself the starting position in the secondary, and has been one of the most consistent defensive players so far this year. Kenyan Drake has cemented himself as a solid complementary running back to Yeldon.

With so much talent on a team, it’s hard to know where to look or who to watch. Whether you’re a Crimson Tide fan or just like watching awesome college football matchups, this is the year to get Alabama Football tickets. The team could make history with a third national title in a row.

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