Wake Boat Upgrade: The 411 on Racks and Towers

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Purchasing a wakeboard rack for your boat can be a big investment, especially if you want to ensure that you get a high-quality product that will last for years, maybe even decades.

Some boat owners decide to try and stash their wakeboards somewhere on their boats rather than purchasing a rack that allows them to transport their wakeboards in a more convenient and space-saving way.

wakeboard rack

Even if you only ride occasionally, racks are worth it because they mount to your existing wakeboard tower, which frees up space on your boat.

If you are still not convinced that it is worth it to purchase a wakeboard rack for your boat, here are a few additional benefits you should consider:

  1. Racks are Secure

If you opt to store your wakeboard directly on your boat, you will have to worry about securing it somehow so that it does not move around and present a hazard to you and your passengers.

Because racks are designed with the specific purpose of transporting your wakeboard from one place to another, they are built to be incredibly sturdy and secure.

As long as you purchase a high-quality rack, you will not need to worry about losing your wakeboard in, particularly rough water.

  1. Racks are Convenient

In addition to being very safe and secure, racks are also designed for convenience.

Depending on the type and style of rack that you purchase, you may be able to easily remove your rack if you do not need it for a particular boating excursion.

If you like being able to store your toys and accessories out of the way, a rack is a must-have.

  1. Racks Protect Your Boards and Skis From Damage

Racks keep your boards and skis up out of the way of foot traffic, which helps keep them from getting scratched up and damaged.

Because boards and skis are not cheap, it is important to keep them protected as much as possible. Additionally, damaged boards and skis do not perform as well and can even be dangerous to use.

  1. Racks Compliment a Tower

If you have a difficult time getting out of the water initially, a wakeboard tower offers a higher point to work from, which makes it easier to get up and out of the water.

Most aftermarket racks are designed to mount alongside the tower itself providing clean aesthetics that are both utilitarian and complementary to the overall look and feel of your boat.

Although wakeboard towers can be an expensive investment, they are well worth it especially if you plan to add a rack sometime down the road.

As any true enthusiast would come to expect, racks and towers come in different variations, an option that will afford any discerning owner the ability to retrofit his or her boat for enhanced pleasure.

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