Volleyball: About The Game and Useful Tips

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In Volleyball, there are two teams comprising six players each and stand in a court that separates the two teams by a net. As per the basic rules, one team serves the ball (called as a ‘rally’) by hitting it with one hand and releases it to the opponent’s side. The serving is done from outside the boundary of the court. The opponents receive the ball with both hands’ wrists and get points if the ball does not fall on the ground. They are allowed to touch the ball thrice before hitting it back to the other team.

One player is allowed to touch the ball only once, and in passing the ball thrice, the team can decide the direction of throw in a way that the other team is unable to stop the ball from being grounded in their court. The team where the ball gets grounded loses the rally and the opponent wins the rally, getting points and a chance to serve again for the next rally.

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Usually, the players are supposed to use the hands or arms, but for a push or strike, (known as short contact), they can use any other part of their body as well. The basic six skills required to be mastered by the teams are: serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig. Particular techniques are involved for each of these and are standardized for volleyball.

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Important Tips

  1. Be alert – always stay alert, it is dangerous to be distracted by small things and the player may lose the next ball that comes his way.
  2. Return ready – always be ready to return the ball, it helps score points.
  3. Powerful serve – it is very important to have one power serve to dominate the game.
  4. Play defense – first play defense even if you are a setter.
  5. Play big – look strong so the opponent feels that you are confident and ready.
  6. Talk – have good communication within your team during the game.
  7. Hit high – always hit the ball high, it gives the team more time to make any adjustments.
  8. Be positive – throughout the game.
  9. Trust – it is very important to trust the teammates.
  10. Back row – remember to let the players in the back row play.
  11. Role player – whatever the role is, be good at it.
  12. Have fun – always keep the fun alive while playing.

Hitting Tips        

Team Hitting Drills – the team has to hit efficiently to succeed.

Hitter Coverage Drill – most difficult part is to dig any blocked ball.

Middle Hitters – the middle hitting is very important to make an attack on the opponent.

Hitter’s Eyes Blocking Drill – this is to train the blocker to react to the opponent.

Attacker Vision Training – this trains the attackers to see when a block happens from the opponent.

Finger Taping – to train the players prevent their fingers from getting hurt.

Volleyball Setting Drills

  1. Forehead use – facing each other, two players set the volley ball front and back, with correct body position, hips and forehead in line. After a player sets the ball, move three steps forward. Stay till the partner passes it and set again. After setting move back three steps to take the ball.
  2. Long Distance Sets – similar to the forehead use, but the players are at a distance of 20ft, helps them improve the strength of hand and wrist.
  3. One and Freeze – one player is on one side of the net to serve. A receiver stands on the opposite side for setting. The setter’s hands move in one direction only, with arms freezing in the direction of the ball.
  4. Side to side – players are at a distance of 10ft and ball setting is done with good techniques, switching in 2-3 minutes.
  5. Have a seat – players at a distance of 8-10ft sit with crossed legs and do the set. It helps build player’s overall strength.

Common techniques for emergency plays

  1. Collapse – when a ball falls shorter than expected, the player collapses to the ground attempting for the last time to hit the ball.
  2. Sprawl – is similar to collapse, but here the player gets to take a step to reach the ball.
  3. The dive – is similar to sprawl, but the player here is in the air to play.
  4. Pancake – is similar to sprawl but fingers are firmly kept on the ground to touch the ball.
  5. Shoulder/Barrel roll – the rolling technique used by defenders, by moving right, left or front to pick up the ball.