Types Of Yachts

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Yachts exist in all shapes and sizes. From the mammoth-sized mega yachts to the smaller mini yachts, yachts are becoming more and more popular.

There are several hundreds of videos and articles discussing mega yachts and the largest ones in the world however, there is not as much information on regular yachts.


Some people are not aware that yachts do not have to be 500 feet long.

There are significantly smaller yachts with various functions besides leisure. If you’re a yacht lover and would like to invest in a yacht, contact Network Yacht Brokers Portland for boats for sale Weymouth. Whether you’d like to purchase or sell a boat, NYB Portland can help.

Now that we know yachts come in smaller shapes and sizes here is a simple list of yacht types. All yachts fall under one of three categories. They are:

Sailing Yacht

A sailing yacht is one whose main propellant is wind and sails. Sailing yachts are usually on the smaller side due to the absence of the classic motor engines. There are not many variants of the sailing yacht. Yachts propelled by sails are generally called sailing yachts regardless of the other differences they might possess.

Motor Yacht

A motor yacht is the classic modern yacht. This is a yacht powered by one or several motor engines. Most yachts fall under this category. Some examples include;

  1. Sedan – A sedan yacht is a comfortably sized yacht with deck space and living spaces below. The living space is often a single level and not open to the air. Sedan’s are a popular yacht-style because they are smaller and significantly more affordable.
  2. Daybridge – A daybridge yacht is one that possesses several levels. There are several enclosed levels as well as the open deck space.
  3. Sportfishing yacht – Earlier on we mentioned that yachts can serve several purposes. A sportfishing yacht is usually tougher than the average yacht. It is built for fishing and it can withstand rougher currents.

Other motor yachts include the cockpit motor yacht and the classic motor yacht. This category also includes a majority of the luxury yachts like the sky lounge, pilothouse, and the mega yachts.

Gulet Yacht

A Gulet yacht is a yacht with both sails and a motor engine. It is often called a hybrid yacht. Some luxury yachts belong in this category as well as some racing yachts.

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