Top 10 Heisman Winners And How They Are Chosen

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The selection process of Heisman Memorial trophy is ruled by many procedures and policies. The trophy is given by the Heisman Memorial Trust each year. Several media representatives across the states with thorough knowledge of the game are divided and have to vote in ballots.

The divide of voters is made equally based on the size of the state. The living winners of the trophy are also liable to vote and for the last decade public are also able to vote online. The points tabulated under a 3-2-1 system, and the player with most votes receives the trophy.

The winners of the Heisman Memorial trophy

This year Jameis Winston has won the prize in the 79th Heisman Trophy presented in New York City recently. Barry Sanders was the one of the best players in the NFL and won the Heisman while playing with Oklahoma State Cowboys in 1988. Second in line is Earl Campbell the1977 Heisman winner has career laurels of 5 Pro Bowls, the 1978 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and NFL MVP in the year 1979.

Tim Brown was a Notre Dame, outstanding player who won the trophy in 1987; he made nine Pro Bowl appearances. Roger Staubach from Navy won the title in 1963 went on to win two super bowls and a MVP Award. O.J. Simpson from USC won the trophy in 1969.

Other great Heisman winners

The names of top 10 Heisman winners continue with Marcus Allen from USC won the trophy on 1981 with several Pro Bowl and Super Bowl appearances. Tony Dorsett won the Heisman trophy on 1976 with the University of Pittsburgh and had a great career with Dallas Cowboys, including Super bowl and Pro Bowl appearances. Charles Woodson was picked by the judges in 1997 for his performance with the University of Michigan.

He joined green packers later and was awarded NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2009. Herschel Walker was the 1982 Heisman trophy winner; he joined the NFL later but was named among Pro Bowl and All Pro team twice in consecutive years. Doug Flutie was the Heisman winner for Boston College and had a terrific career in the NFL.