Tips on selecting the right baseball bats Revealed

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Baseball is a thrilling game that provides equal excitement to both players and viewers. It is a game in which the kind of bat used plays a major role in scoring well. Right selection of bat is the secret for winning baseball game. Are you a baseball game lover?


If you are a player along with being a baseball game lover then you should understand certain rules and also tips which help you in selecting the right baseball bats. Find the right baseball bat that suits you well & abide standards for attracting immense attention through your excellent performance in the baseball game.

BBCOR standard

The first step to be taken before selecting a bat is to understand the BBCOR. Expansion of BBCOR is “Batted Ball Coefficient of Resolution”. It is the standard used for regulating the energy loss happening while the baseball contacts the bat. The trampoline effect increases along with an increase in the BBCOR value.

NCAA and NFHS made the decision that a BBCOR bat should achieve only a maximum value of 0.50. This value is only a little higher than the BBCOR value of a wooden bat. The barrel diameter of the BBCOR bat must not be greater than the value of 2 5/8”. There is also restriction in the ratio of length to weight (not > -3). Also the length of the bat should not be >36”.

Need of BBCOR

BBCOR is set to ensure two things.

  1. To reduce offensive performance during the baseball match.
  2. To ensure safety of the pitchers

Any match should be played in such a way that the player’s safety is not under any kind of threat. Higher the speed of the ball after hitting the bat, higher the risk of injury becomes. Hence BBCOR standard is very important for ensuring safety of players (especially pitchers).

Difference between baseball bats and softball bats

A softball bat differs from a baseball bat in its length, diameter and weight. Hence both softball bats and baseball bats are not the same and should not be used without any distinction. For youth level using a baseball bat instead of softball bat might be fine but in adult level it is not a good decision.

According to it is therefore important that while buying a baseball bat you must make sure that you are buying only a baseball bat and not a softball bat that fits the BBCOR standard.

How to understand whether a bat is BBCOR certified?

This is a question that has been asked frequently. It is very easy to understand the BBCOR certified bats or BBCOR bats. You just need to see for the certification mark on the bat.

Exemption of BBCOR standard

Certain exemptions are applicable to the BBCOR standards and BBCOR marks on the bat.

  1. Players belonging to High school or are going to high school the coming year of age group 11 to 14 need to use BBCOR bats only if the bat being used is made up of composite material. Alloy barrels belonging to the Youth big barrel model or the senior league models can be continued to be used for these divisions.
  2. Wood bats do not need BBCOR certification mark if they are made using only single piece of wood. If bats are made of bamboo or using different combinations of woods or if they constitute of composite materials, then certification is must.

How to choose the right baseball bat?

Now we can summarise the things to be kept in mind while choosing a baseball bat as we have discussed the primary information needed for choosing the right baseball bat. The 5 major things that have to be kept in mind before finalising a baseball bat are:

  1. The league for which you are playing – Make sure that you use the right bat abiding the league rules.
  2. Decide whether you need softball bat or baseball bat – Understand the difference between baseball & softball bats and buy the right one (based on the instructions given above) according to your need & the game you play.
  3. The kind of player you are – Buy slow pitch softball bats, fast ball softball bats or baseball bats based on the kind of player you are, your strengths and your ball-hitting needs.
  4. BBCOR standard – Make sure that you follow the BBCOR regulation for safe and ethical games.
  5. Material used in manufacturing the baseball bat – Check the material used for manufacturing bat as the BBCOR certification exemption rules help you in having even bats that do not have the BBCOR certification mark but abide the BBCOR standard.