Tips for choosing the best kayak paddles

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Kayaking, being a water sport necessitates the use of paddle to move the yak in the water. It is different from normal kayaking as the paddle comes decked with two blades rather than one.

It is crucial that you select the best kayak paddle or you might not be comfortable while paddling.

They are available in different shapes, sizes, lengths and costs and depend largely on the kind of kayak you have and your weight as well as body strength.

Aspects to consider

Blade: The primary thing to keep in mind while selecting a kayak paddle is the blade difference. There are several kinds of blades available in the market which includes wide, narrow, long, short, spooned, feathers and un-feathered collection. Every blade type wouldn’t suit you so you need to choose which is your type of blade first.

Shape and length of the shaft: Usually the paddle shafts are straight but they are also available in shapes like curved or bent. You should also keep in mind the shaft’s length. A paddle which is very long will be tougher to use while a paddle too short may bring the water in the kayak.

Material used: The paddles of Kayak are made of three different materials which include aluminum, fiberglass, plastic and graphite. Every material has a different weight and accordingly gives different price to the paddle.

What size of kayak paddle should you go for?

The simplest way to evaluate which size paddle you require is to check out the length of the paddle. Check out the paddle as your body’s extension.

If you have a small torso, then go for a long paddle and vice versa. You should also consider your kayak to evaluate the size of the paddle. Larger paddles work well with larger kayaks. You have paddles designed for kids too.

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