The Right Way to Choose Drop Through Longboards

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The drop through longboard look is one of the several ways which have been used to design longboards to suit the requirements of the riders. It is crafted in such a way to lower the center of gravity of the longboard so a rider enjoys faster and safer rides and gets more control of the board.


What type of longboarding is best for the longboards?

The drop through longboard offers some exclusive specs which advances their capabilities over the other longboards. They are majorly good to the following longboard rides:

  • Downhill riding
  • Freestyle riding
  • Commuting (free riding)

They are majorly good for these longboard rides because of the low tiredness they cause to the rider. This can be accomplished as the distance between the ground and the foot is lowered and the constant foot travel distance is lowered considerably. Their aptness to downhill riding is due to the low center of gravity they hold. These boards are perfectly stable at high speeds and thus, make downhill riding balanced.

Difference of deck

In a drop through longboard, two places have cut decks where the trucks are mounted. The trucks are well-fitted above the deck at the tail and nose. This majorly diminishes the height of the deck in relation to its thickness. So, whilst the other boards are mounted on the top of the trucks, the drop through decks is mounted through the trucks.

If you’re looking forward to choose the best drop through longboard, then first decide what the purpose of buying it is. As per your usage, you can decide about the wheels, the bearings and other specs of the longboards. People who love free styling and free riding can purchase it as it holds a good review amongst these riders. For commuting and bomb hill riding, these boards are equally good!