The perfect baseball bat for anyone

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Baseball has been synonymous with the American experience for a long time, to the point where everything about the baseball experience itself has been standardized and mass-produced. A lot of the people who play baseball just take it as a fact of life that they’re going to have to go through several different baseball bats as they play the game, and that the baseball bats that they use are just simple tools.E.L. Lumber Co. on Kickstarter is working to change this situation for everyone involved.

Baseball bat

They’re trying to create baseball bats that are wonderfully high in quality, and they are actually using modern technology to be able to do so. When people think of crafting things out of wood, they typically don’t imagine that using x-rays and other types of advanced technology is going to be necessary.

It isn’t strictly necessary, of course, but using this sort of technology can allow people to detect imperfections in the wood. These imperfections can have a severe impact on whether or not a given baseball bat is actually going to last for a long period of time.E.L. Lumber Co. is setting out to create bats that actually are going to last, in sharp contrast to the bats that tend to break on players at the most inconvenient times.

The bats that people are going to be able to get atE.L. Lumber Co. are the sorts of bats that will feel personalized. They aren’t just going to be simple commodities that people can take and use. These are bats that people are going to tend to treasure. Many people on Kickstarter are trying to resist the trends towards increased standardization and consumption, and products like this are a proud part of that new trend.E.L. Lumber Co. is giving people something new.

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