The glory of ICC cricket world cup international championship

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The cricket is one of the most popular sports in entire universe. We can see that the glory of cricket is incomparable and there are thousands of people all around the world who appreciate it truly with their hearts. And the ICC cricket world cup is the time when all the players as well as all viewers feel actual pressure and tension can be seen on the faces of all fans.

The appreciators who would have been waiting for this championship for a long period of time, experience the thrilling and challenging feeling while they see the match live or on their televisions.

ICC cricket world cupThe ICC cricket world cup has a long history since 1975. Its first tournament was held in England in 1975 and appreciators loved it so much that it kept going on since then. It is based on the one day international sports format which makes it even more interesting and enjoying as well as challenging for players and for viewers. The previous world cup tournament was held in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka where the excitement of crowd and appreciators was worth viewing.

Now, the next and upcoming tournament of ICC cricket world cup is decided to be held on 2019 and its location would be England and wales. This would be even more exciting because it is now carrying multiple formats of sports which will make it even more interesting and challenging. The crowd filled with thousands of appreciators is already waiting for this exciting day when they would be able to experience the grand and challenging feeling of watching world cup once again.

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