Tennis is too much boring to be watched on TV

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Tennis is a much loved sport for many and millions of people follow the tournaments every year on their television sets. However, there are many people who find the game plain boring to watch on TV. And there are several reasons for this.Tennis

Firstly, there are so many first serves which are missed by the player and this is a strong reason why the game looks too dull to watch on TV.

Also, some players find it annoying to see a tennis match on TV when the player/s has nearly a 50 percent of first serve unless he/she hits for aces or is volleying/serving.

This is a pressing problem for several WTA tennis games particularly, might be since the player/s are usually short in height so it becomes difficult to avoid hit the tape when the player is aggressively serving. However, a lot depends on the player also. Also, players who stick to lengthy rituals or customs between serves are pure annoying to watch as well.

Also, many of the game’s enthusiasts do not agree with the recommendation of playing let balls, since they are random and sloppy. No doubt, most people prefer watching tennis matches with a DVR since this way, they can easily fast-forward all the time wasted between serves as well as endless faults.

One of the reasons why people find Tennis is too much boring to be watched on TV is because of the length of the game. Indeed, not everyone can watch the game straight for five to six hours unless they are jobless, have no children and possibly no partner who is not a tennis fan. Unlike the game of basketball, a tennis game can turn on a single point in third set easily and this might end up taking hours till the set finishes.