Tennis And Type Of Shoe Needed To Play It

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Aggie Women's Tennis - 58Tennis is a popular sport played between 2 people which is known as singles or between two teams knows as doubles. The things needed are a racquet a hollow rubber ball and special shoes, a lawn with a net in between to play tennis. The players stand on each side of the net.

The object of this game is playing the ball in such a way so that your opponent is not able to return the ball. There are several things necessary to play tennis but today we would discuss about tennis shoes.

Shoes are one of the most important things you would need to play tennis, it is because if your foot hold is not good then you would not be able to run and return the ball.

In tennis shoes provide support to your feet while you are running or stopping. Each surface like grass or clay court has different demands of shoes. First thing you need to consider before buying your shoe is what type of feet you have got? Depending upon which you have to decide what kind of shoe you would need.

Basically there are three types of foot

1. Pronated: for this type of foot suffers most of the injuries. Here the wear is on the inside of the foot around the ball.

2. Supinated- this type of feet the wear is on the outer side of the shoe

3. Ideal- person having this type of feet would find that the wear is even.

To determine which type f foot you have got, you can stand on a cup board after you have thoroughly wetted your foot. Then look at the result. If you find that the shape is large and the arch of your feet didn’t touch the cupboard then you fall into the category of Supinated foot.

If you find that there is a mark of the whole foot somewhat like a rectangle then you belong to the category of people who are Overpronated. And lastly if you find that your foot print is balance between other two, then you belong to the category of people who have Ideal foot.

Before buying you shoe check the fit of your shoe and make sure that there is half an inch gap between longest toe and end of your tennis shoe. Without any stretching the shoe should fit comfortably. Then check that your heel is not slipping but there is a bit space for some kind of movement.

Choose a tennis shoe with shock absorption and cushioning, which is light weight and durable. Flexibility is also an important factor for your tennis shoes.

If you are fond of tennis but have least idea how to play this sport then it is always a good idea to get some good lessons or coaching from some professionals so as to play and enjoy the game to its fullest.