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Japanese Martial Arts: A Brief Introduction

Watching martial arts stunts is of course a thrilling experience, and will always feel to have learnt this brilliant fight form. However; with opening of so many martial arts schools, people are taking keen interest in developing this hobby. Parents are also interested in enrolling their kids into martial arts, but very few of us… Read More »

Mixed Martial Arts: The All in One Training

If there is a form of fighting which can most closely replicate a real life free style physical combat it is Mixed Martial Arts. Its real life touch and minimal rules could explain its rapidly growing popularity earlier in US, Canada, Brazil, Japan and now world over. Mixed martial art works on the synergy of… Read More »

Extra Efficiency in Mixed Martial Arts with MMA Shorts

The Mixed Martial Arts or to say MMA is a combat sport which combines multiple fighting styles and many different combat arts have been integrated in it to make it unique and much more exciting for the players. That is the reason why it is far more interesting and popular in the combat sports. There… Read More »