Survival Food Tabs – the best supplement to survivors in a least possible quantity

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Before the formulation of survival food tabs, many factors were taken into consideration to acclimatize them to their needs as an emergency, light weight and life saving food portion.

survival food tabs

Are you prepared for a natural disaster, a long stay in the deep sea or during an earthquake?  If not, then you need to be prepared for the situation for your safety as emergency attentiveness is supreme.

Concept of survival food tabs

  • The less you take food, the more your body becomes efficient. Generally, when the quantity of food intake is reduced, it remains in the digestive tract for longer periods and incorporates absolutely.
  • The survival food tabs are 100% assimilated and digested by the body when compared to the food we eat in calories as the quality of the food is more essential than the quantity.
  • Poor quality carbohydrate, protein and fats put strain on your digestive system to digest mainly the Kidneys.
  • Mainly, the survival tabs were developed 30 years ago to provide nutritional value to the astronauts as there is zero gravity in the space to have food and digest.
  • It is for this that the survival food tabs with necessary nutrition were presented for adventurers, rescue professionals, athletes, and other people worldwide.

Designed as the Margin of Survival

In the complete 90% of the endurance situation, everyone requires additional food. These survival food tabs are the margin of Survival to sustain oneself for a long time. If you are a sea survival who spend months in the heart of the deep sea or ocean to catch different species of fishes then these true food supplements does wonders on your body and health in the form of nutritious food to have and live normally.