Sports Live: All Things Sport As Soon As They Happen

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We’ve all had this problem: it’s the middle of a great play, or you’re anticipating a homerun, and you have to hit the John. What if you didn’t have to give up on the game to get that sweet relief?

The best parts are always going to happen when you walk out of the room, and you know it. With the CBS Sports app, you don’t have to miss a single play, and never miss a strikeout on the visiting team.

As sports apps go, you’re going to encounter a bunch of apps promising the best coverage, the most comprehensive updates, but we both know that it’s a load of crock.

CBS is the only news coverage network that has the perfect baseball mobile app to fit your lifestyle. Running to the store for groceries, or in the middle of late yardwork that the wife is just not going to let go? Yeah, you brought your charged phone, and you’re tuned in on the CBS Sports app.

Missing something live always sucks. Some of us turn the game off and wait for the highlights if we missed too much. But then what happens?

Facebook tagging and posts from your friends, roughly ten minutes after the game ended, will ruin your entire night. Never miss a beat, never be out of the loop again—you’ve got a secret weapon for live coverage, statistics, and the updates that actually matter.

Comprehensive with a compact view, the CBS Sports app brings everything you need, and leaves the rest to the second rate apps.