Sports Betting – Bet To The Core

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Apart from the betting we keep between our friends, sports betting are done through bookmakers or bookie using internet. You usually do this betting when you support a particular team you like. There are many types of bets which differ as the games differ:

Straight Bets

These are wagers which are done against the line, line is the number given to teams favoring one and not the other. The teams have to score more than the required number to win; this is the most common bet.

Preposition Bets

It’s a wager which focuses on the goals a particular team scores or a player and usually seen in games like football, baseball or handball.


A teaser is wager in which one can go on betting by combining two or more games. But on a condition that one gets all his bets correct to win.

If Bets

This wager process consist of an if clause in which the first selection is a condition then the second will be an action, if the second is a condition then the third an action which goes on this manner.

Run Line

It is an alternative of money line, it mostly payout the team which is favorite and a lower payout for the other, they do this by a fixed point spread.

Head To Head

It’s a wager where a bettor bets on the competitors and not on the event. There can be even “tie”, drop out or even disqualified.

2nd Half Bets

This bet is placed only for a halftime during any sport event. This is also known as halftime bet. This bet can be placed on or under/over spread [Line]. The bet is only won when the next half of the sport is finished.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting a bettor gets to bet on an event which is in progress. It is done through online sport books.