Sport and game platform

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Today, sport and bet lovers have the possibility to choose between different game platforms.

Thanks to the Top Bookmakers, in fact, the market of sports betting is in great growth and the number of players, especially those that pass from the lottery online to online gambling sites is always more.


They grow football betting on tennis, basketball, and on new sports, such as motors, rugby, and snooker.

For a lot of players, moreover, one of the incentives to open a game account on new platforms online is represented by the rich bonuses and by the offerings that allow to play and bet with several advantages, such as the refunds on the bets lost.

To know the sites and the game platforms of Top Bookmakers with the best deals there are guides specialized online as InfoBookmakers, that collects on the site () the ranking weekly updated with all the best promotions of online betting sites.

For each Top Bookmakers is given an evaluation, a rating with votes from A+, A to B, B+, assessment which takes into consideration the promotions, the quotas, the bonuses and the offers with reimbursement. The site is very useful especially for new players who want to open a game account and that for the first time must choose which bookmakers rely.

This useful guide online returns to a page of information for each bookmakers, here are indicated web addresses for each country, the game mobile platforms supported, the type of bets available for each Top Bookmakers and the countries in which you can play legally.

To have a complete list of all Bookmakers is certainly a valid support for new players and can help the most experienced players in the choice of the best bonus to open a new gaming account.