Skills in Soccer drills

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. More than 250 million from over 200 countries play this game. It is an outdoor game, played on the grass playgrounds. Fustal, an unpopular variant of soccer, having less number of players (5) and being played in a smaller area and with smaller goal post, an upcoming player will have more time to deal with ball; the practice in Fustal will serve as a training ground for a player aiming to shine in soccer.

This does not mean that the players do not require soccer drills.  Continuous practice of these drills and soccer training drills will make the players perfect, fine tune and maximize their skills.

In your youngest age itself, you may plan to become a best soccer player in future. Therefore, you may start undergoing the special drills meant for different age groups starting from 6 years of age. There are more than 550 soccer drills, techniques, tactics, session plans and also powerful tools.

The specific drills will be in the important skill aspects of the soccer game broadly classified into the categories like dribbling, passing, receiving, heading, crossing, fitness, possession, defence, attacking, shooting, goalkeeping, warm up and exercises.

Within each such category, there may be specific fine tuned drills or a combination of the drills like centre mid passing combination 1 and 2, trial combination passing, line passing overlap/ warm up, combination warm up, combination shooting drills with multiple ideas, three persons passing combinations, 3V1 rotating defenders, circle passing combination/ overlap combinations.

During the drills, lots of tips like offensive tactics or defensive tactics, accurate kicking, position and game management, strategy about the high result producing moves will be given to face difficult situations. Also, techniques on fitness and nutrition and diet regulation will be taught. Once you undergo the soccer drills seriously with full involvement, it will make you a perfect performer and famous player.

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