Sharp Dressed Man: The Best and Worst of the NFL

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Before the whistle blows for 2014 Super Bowl season, it is really interesting to have to look at the hot talks of 2013 NFL. One of the important themes that attracted the eyes of thousands of people the round the world is the dressing of players of the league. There are several reports on the sharp dressed man for both best and worst in previous NFL.

Rookie # 5 Joe Flacco in Ravens Training Camp ...This article brings you the list of best and worst dressed players of NFL 2013. There is no doubt that you will really love to have a look at the players before the kick off of Super Bowl 2014.

Best dressed players of NFL

  • Joe Flacco, the player of Ravens, to get listed in the list o best-dressed. His have excellent skill of bringing multiple patters in a single outfit.
  • Michael Crabtree of 49er succeeded in getting the top 5 dressed players of list of NFL. His style of using 3-piece suits and bold colors is a hot talk.
  • Ray Lewis of Raven’s is known for his largest tie knot. It is really interesting to see that how perfectly his tie compliments his frame.
  • Vernon Davis of 49er with his formal black tie and perfect selection in accessories gifted his deserving spot on best dressed players list.
  • Aldon Smith of 49er with his recent checkered vest combo and pink suit granted one among the top 5 positions in the well dressed players list of Super Bowl

Worst Dressed Players of NFL

  • Terrel Suggs of Ravens has given with the worst dressed player title of NFL. With wrong colors combination, stripes on sleeves, sloppy bow tie, have gave the maximum in wrong sense of dressing and gained popularity for one of the top worst dressed Super Bowl players.
  • Frank Gore of 49er really loves his beanie look with sweat plants. Even though it looks fine in practices, his fans love to see him in better stylish wear on occasions. But he appeared in the same style in the occasions and enjoys his name in the list of worst dressed Super Bowl players.
  • Anquan Boldin becomes a hot talk for his appearance in a press conference and his dressing put him on the list of worst dressed NFL players. Even after years, there is no idea about the accessory that he worn in the press conference.
  • Matt Birk of Ravens with his poor selection of patterns falls in the worst dressed players list. The problem is that his pattern fails to compliment his large frame.
  • Ed Reed of Ravens with poor suit colors, unkempt facial hair and terribly poor tailored suits got his name in the list of worst dressed Super Bowl Players.

Hence, these are the players who decorate the list of best dressed and worst dressed players of NFL. With Soper Bowl knocking at the doors it is interesting to watch names of players making the changes in the list. Let us watch how the players attend the stages and shows.