SETUPEYE DEVICE a golfer’s best friend

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The most important aspect of any golfer game is the alignment and position. Did you know that 95% of all swing flaws are traced back to the setup position? An error of just 5 degrees leads to off the target line. For a starter, alignment sticks are used to help to improve the golf swing. The fact that you cannot use the alignment sticks on all the courses, what device can be recommended? It is a question asked by many.

setup eye

Setup eye became an answer to this was born from the golf lessons by a person who was interested to making it easier and less frustrating to learn. It is the world’s first handheld alignment system for golfers. It has a view finder, active alignment and a target lock is easy to operate all you have to do is, point, press and place for perfect golf swing. Stays locked on the target no matter what, including if it is moved. The device has been tested and modified for about 3 years, it is no more a is on its production phase and it is meant to be produced and distributed globally.

Setup Eye has developed a range of unique opportunities for our Kickstarter supporters. Setup eye guarantees good habits within a game, it is meant to make golf training easier and faster to learn, and ‘frustration’ will no longer be a word used often. It eliminate guess work in alignment leading to a perfect golf swing. It will be good for starters and the handicapped and also the elite professionals. Within no time, it will bring the best out of you as a golfer, all you have to do is practice with the setup eye. It is adoptive to the modern lifestyle making it easy to operate.

Golf is introduced to new players ranging from 1.5 to 3 million, but because of frustrations and difficulty when playing the game the same number quits the game in a year. Setup eye is a solution in changing such data, increasing the number of new players and reducing the hardships!!!

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