Salt fish surf company

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Are you into surfing, skating or yoga? Do you love finding unique, eco friendly companies? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you are going to love the Salt fish surf company. They are currently running a kick starter campaign which will allow them to create a range of practical and stylish bags. These bags are all beautiful and unique; they are handmade and one of a kind creations.

The bags are inspired by travel, alternative life styles, world textiles and surfing. The bags are strong and practical allowing users to easily carry their surf board over their shoulder to the beach. Other large items such as yoga mats and skate boards can also be carried.


The material used to create these bags has a bold geometric pattern and they are available in a selection of lovely colours. The material is strong and hard wearing and the straps are made from tough leather. There’s also a key ring on each bag with the salt fish logo which is a nice finishing touch.

This company has a great set of values and beliefs which aren’t found in most large companies today. The products are environmentally conscious and made in Mexico using great quality materials. Local people are employed which helps the communities that they live in as they are paid a fair wage for their work.

If you love the environment, art and surfing then you will love this company as they combine these three elements. You can help get this amazing business started by donating to the kick start campaign today. They have already achieved so much and need a bit of extra backing to really get the business going. If you pledge your support today then you will get a gift depending on how much you donate. Gifts range from key rings to stickers, hats or mats. Go on give generously today and help make this amazing company come alive!

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