Release of Club Manager 2016

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A phone is now the manager, laptop, radio, music player, television and what not. Similarly, the personal computer has come across a revolution that has introduced various operating systems and mother boards that allow the laptops and desktops to have high graphics and internal memory.

Even there are gaming laptops and desktops which has high definition gaming quality with exclusive graphics property. Football or soccer lovers would agree to the fact that there have been a large number of personal computer soccer games since years. But the last few years have brought in a major change in the soccer games as well.

Club manager 2016

The various simulation games and role playing games have evolved that allows the user to play a certain role in the game making it a responsible play. Big blaze games have introduced soccer simulation game in the year 2015 and have now announced the release of the club manager 2016.

People who have already played the old version of 2015 would be quite excited with the release of the next version but people who have not yet known what the game is all about will also get a little curious this time and would have an urge to play the game.

As the name suggests the club manager 2016, it is basically a simulation game that revolves around soccer and the player here plays a managerial role. Just like any other real life soccer team or club manager would do his or her task, this game also needs such players who would be responsible for managing the club solely. The 2015 version also had a similar kind of soccer manager role to be played but the new version his far more upgraded when compared to the older one.

In club manager 2016, the player would have the ease of buying and selling players, choosing jerseys, choosing coach, keeping the players happy, fulfill player’s needs, select tournaments, choose the country, build up team, train the team and of course decide upon various other issues that is necessary for the game. The player here needs to keep the people in the board happy. This is because of a simple fact that winning or losing the game depends upon the player’s performance.

If the board members are happy by the player’s performance then the player continues with the games and tournaments and if the board gets annoyed and is not satisfied by the player’s performance then the player is out. The club manager 2016 also provides an extra advantage to the layer that lets the player host his own tournament and invite other teams to play.

The player gets to decide the cost of the tickets, provide sponsorship for various leagues and many other exciting roles to be played. The player can get involved in the team politics and tactics and can solve issues his own way. The player gets to decide that who would be on the field and play the game and who would be sitting back in the gallery.