Rambo Knife – An Amazing Hunting Knife

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With the release of the movie “Rambo” it not only made a name for itself but the movie is still being recalled for many reasons especially the “Rambo knife”.  Survival knives are also known as Rambo knives which are more like hunting knives.

These knives are multi functional use, and it is mostly used for spearing, hunting, prying and similar activities. And for this reason these knives are one of the most important survival gear and outdoor equipment.

Rambo-KnifeSylvester Stallone himself was a knife collector and that is why he personally approached Gil Hibben and Jimmy Lile to design and create the custom knife for the movie.

It was the Jimmy who gave the fine style to the knife which went on to become a huge hit prop. Not just first movie, but he also designed this hunting knife in the 3rd and 4rth version of the movie.

After the movie went on to become a huge box office hit, the Rambo knife too had its soaring popularity. It is a more known as hunting knife that has a 9 inch stainless steel sharp blade with a saw-back style with hollow corded handle.

The blade is of good quality and has a sharp edge used for chopping, prying, digging, slicing and cutting. People feel confident handling this knife

If you are thinking that this Rambo knife is practically usable? Yes it is. This hunting knife is used for people who are keen on going adventure fun like hunting and preying. One of the best parts about this survival gear is its saw like teeth which is also used for wood cutting. One of the USP of these Rambo knives is that the weapon can be stored in the handle.

For those who are more into wild ventures in the jungle, this Rambo knife can be a good sport. It is perhaps the best companion when you are on some adventurous trip.