Quality Golf Clothes

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For the past 38 years, Jean has been working in the clothes industry, in the department of design, and production. Having worked with numerous golfers, this has been a learning process on the importance of high quality clothing.

The journey began at a time when Jean was invited to play golf. That is when he developed a passion for the game, with the advantage that this game gave an opportunity to meet many interesting people. Over time, Jean has passed on his passion for golf to his children and this has helped him bond with them.

Golf clothing

As the children were golfing, Jean realized that the apparel they wore was uncomfortable, hence negatively affecting their performance. With the knowledge of how important and influential a good quality golfing shirt was on a golfer’s game, Jean was influenced to start his own line of golf clothes. That is how MyGolfShirts.com came to be. This is an online based store.

Merging his love for golf and knowledge of fashion, Jean’s mission is to develop good looking golf clothes, that the golfer will also feel good in and hence boost them to play well. Having worked with lots of apparel industries in and around the U.S., Jean has managed to train sewing assistants and also set up high quality in-line systems. Due to production and delivery of quality clothing, the company has received recognition from numerous manufacturers and retailers.

Just like any other upcoming industry, this clothes industry has faced quite a number of challenges over the 38 years of operation. These challenges have everything to do with design and production.

The company is driven by the desire to produce the highest quality, excellent fitting and consequently the best performing golf clothes. This desire to be the best has been Jean’s drive hence keeping him in business.

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