Popularity Of Football In India And Its History

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If we talk about the origin of football sports in India then we will find that mid-nineteenth century was the time of establishment of football in India. This was the time when football was trying to grab the attention of public but in the present time, there are thousands and even more people in India who appreciate football as much as they appreciate cricket!

Football In India

League system was basically the reason of incredible rise in the popularity of football between Indian areas and I-League, I-League 2nd Division, State League football, Calcutta Football League, Youth leagues and Indian Super league have played a remarkable role in the progress of this sport in India.

If we talk about identity of football in India then there is no doubt that this is the second most preferred sports in India. In India, almost every one appreciate cricket and football also have lots of appreciators in all areas of India. In the beginning of football, it was popular basically in the Indian regions such as Manipur, Tripura, Odisha, Assam, Nagaland, Goa, Meghalaya, West Bengal, Mizoram, Kerala, entire north-eastern India, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu etc.

These are basically the areas where football has been highly appreciated from a long period of time. In the present time, this list of areas have been growing wider and wider. Now, this sport is appreciated all around India in all areas.

India has also introduced India’s current top domestic league, Indian Super League and I-League etc. which were focused mainly to professionalize the Indian domestic football. Additionally, 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup also seems to take place in this country.

Indian football team has become highly appreciated internationally and they also have established their own separate identity in international sports market. From all aspects, football in India is no less than cricket in any comparison. If we talk about market standing of football then we will find it quite strong and it is almost as strong as cricket in India.