Playing Handball: Few Important Tips and Rules To Be Followed?

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If you want to enjoy your time in the Handball sports then it is really very important that you first understand how to play this game. If you would not be able to identify and understand the rules and regulations of this game then it would not be an activity of fun and entertainment for you.


So the best way to enjoy your sports time is to perfectly understand your play before actually starting the play. There are so many rules but here I am sharing with you some of the most common and useful rules that you should follow for a perfect sports time experience.

In Handball sport, there is a specific and very strict rule for the Sixth meter line which says that no player is allowed to venture in this area of Sixth meter line.

Only the goal keeper is allowed to do this. You should avoid kicking and touching with legs because it is completely and strictly prohibited in the rules of this game.

When the foul would be created then the penalty would be applied on the player automatically as the result of foul. And the handball fouls would be applied when the player will try charging, hitting, holding or pushing in the play time.

There is no permission for dribbling /bouncing of the ball. If you want to make sure that you play the game exactly the way it should be played then you should remember it during your play and if you want to give your best performance then this is the primary thing that you should never forget.