Pitchers Biggest Mistakes. Do You Know?

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So you are playing baseball as a pitcher and you are also very fond of this position. In fact, you even enjoy it a lot. However, you’re playing style entirely depends on “what you think is the best”. While it’s good to watch after other pitches and learn from them, there are times when you also absorb certain traits totally ill- suited for you or doing things that bring little benefit to yourself. Not only these fail to develop your skills and strength but also significantly reduce your performance both in practices and competitions. Today in this article, we will provide some of the biggest pitchers mistakes that you may see and probably even you are doing it.

The pitcher is an important position in a baseball team. It has a large impact toward the team strategy and line – up. Because of this, many pitchers seek ways to step up their performance by employing various practice drills, body combinations and pitching styles so that they can be victorious in a match. As stated above, this may come out effective but there is also a high chance of bringing in the opposite. Now, let’s see some common yet fatal pitcher biggest mistake examples that people can make.

1.    Fielding practice

This is an important exercise for the players to see how effective they are as a team. The problem is that pitchers sometimes are excluded from the drill. This is a mistake that many youth or amateur teams make. Pitchers senses and skills need to be continuously sharpened. Leave them out like this will dull their ability to play. Coaches and even the pitchers themselves need to make sure that the pitchers do participate in this type of exercise. There will never be such thing as “enough training” so you better take in all the experiences you can get your hands on.

2.    Pitchers mistakes in the pitching mechanic

Every pitcher wants their pitch to be the fastest and the hardest to hit. Therefore, they started adding movements altering their stance in hope to achieve the above. Sadly, without a correct guideline and considerations about their own bodies, this usually has a destructive effect on the performance. Here below are some of the pitching mechanics that you need to avoid.

  • Kicking your leg instead of lifting it
  • Trying to maintain balance
  • Putting your back toward the target
  • Leaning your upper body back forward and backward.

And about the stance, the legs need to be relaxed and slightly bent. Any other way will either sacrifice the element of surprise or lower your situation awareness so be careful.

3.    Habits and muscles – memory

Now this is the main reason why you don’t just learn any other people technique even when that pitcher is very successful with it. Everybody is unique. You have certain traits and habits that only belong to you. While you can put other pitchers technique to use and attain an average to good effect with it under practice or low – intensity match, things may turn another way when the competition pick up the pace. Under pressure, your body will sometimes not listen to your brain command and revert to what it knows best. This issue sometimes happens in an uncontrollable fashion and leads to rather negative situations.

You can somewhat reduce this effect by a lot of training and practicing so that your muscles will remember it and its will know what to react when the time come. By this, you can slowly but surely transform technique and skills of others into yours. Still, you really need to consult professionals about this subject to see whether you are really suited to this kind of skill or not.  Always keep in mind one thing:” If something is good for others, it doesn’t mean it is also good for me”.

Above is some information about mistakes that pitchers can make. To a pitcher, mistakes are rather unavoidable no matter what but it’s up to them trying to get rid of those. If you are a pitcher then I hope that this article while short is quite useful to your performance. Pitchers mistakes are not a proof of shortcomings, it’s just mean improvements must be taken. Good luck and be successful with the game.