Pilates group classes in the East Coast of Singapore

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Pilates is a great way to boost your core strength, improve your flexibility and increase the overall body coordination and fitness. And for those with body injuries or mobility problems, Pilates exercises are an ideal way of achieving quick rehabilitation and recovery. If you are looking for the best place in East Coast Singapore where you can start improving your Pilates skill and ability, you can start by attending a group class in one of the studios or fitness centers near you and then move on to more specialized classes later on. Below are some of the best centers offering Pilates group classes in the East Coast of Singapore.


(1) Pilates Inc

Situated in the relatively quiet section of Katong where it is nestled in the midst of tuition centers within the EastGate building, Pilates Inc is a spacious, well-ventilated, bright and fully-equipped Pilates studio offering top-notch group classes. The Pilates East Coast Singapore studio has clean and well-maintained equipment and skilled and experienced instructors, making it ideal for people of all needs.

While the center is popular for its one-on-one Pilates classes for those who want to gain full mobility after injury, there are also amazing group sessions for all individuals who are keen to get involved with a class. Groups are small in size and the sessions move at a good pace, allowing all students to get the most from the sessions.

(2) Updog Studio

Popular for its boutique feel and remarkably engaging instructors, Updog Studio is one of the best places to go for the most invigorating and soothing Pilates group classes in the East Coast Singapore. Updog Studio is part of the Emmanuel Stroobant Group and has been known for group and private Pilates classes that help to create and foster conditions for good health, including Pilates workshops for overall health and wellness. At the studio, instructors strive to build strength, focus and serenity while responding effectively to the needs of all learners, whether novices or advanced level practitioners. There are free no-obligation trial classes and a variety of Pilates group classes designed for different needs.

(3) Kate Porter Yoga (KPY)

KPY is a cozy studio with friendly instructors, where Pilates classes are offered for everyone. The boutique Pilates and yoga studio based in East Coast Singapore has open windows and effective fans to allow practitioners to carry out exercises under a pleasant breeze of fresh air. At the studio, people of different ages, sizes, shapes, levels of fitness and experience are provided with a variety of class options. There are slower group classes and private classes for beginners and advanced level practitioners, with classes lasting 60 to 90 minutes. All the classes end with chilled seasonally-scented refresher towels and home-made herbal iced-teas.

Pilates classes

(4) My Fitness

Pilates East Coast Singapore classes were introduced in My Fitness studio in 2004. Over the years, the studio has distinguished itself as an excellence center for superior quality classes, enabling hundreds of students to gain more flexibility, stronger arms, greater lower back strength and more toned bodies than their peers.

Conveniently located in the East Coast area, near 112 Katong, the quant airy studio offers unique group classes to all students. In fact, every class is never the same routine and poses a new challenge to help students improve on their weaknesses. The instructors ensure that the learning curve never hits a plateau and that all group classes bring out the best in the practitioners.

(5) Platinum Yoga

Platinum Yoga is popular for its variety of styles and levels of Pilates and Yoga, which are spread over around 150 classes per week. Conveniently situated in the Parkway Center, the studio blends both modern and traditional Yoga and Pilates techniques to ensure that people of all ages, sizes, shapes and experiences (including kids, adults, those with mobility problems and pregnant women) are treated to the most effective sessions. The Pilates East Coast Singapore studio boasts of friendly and fully-certified instructors who help students to get the most out of every class.

(6) Breathe Pilates

Breathe Pilates offers small group classes dedicated to posture and alignment, helping students to become stronger, have better control of their bodies and enjoy improved balance. The classes are offered in a friendly and inviting environment under the guidance of skilled, fully-certified and experienced instructors. Every session is completely unique, enhancing total body awareness without causing boredom or allowing students to slip back to old habits. The studio is one of Pilates East Coast Singapore studios where, after each session, you will feel an inch taller and a decade younger.