Phigolf WGT Edition: Golf Simulator for Your Living Room

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Sports like golf is something which brings very high level of excitement and vigour in the people who are playing it. Not only for people who are playing the game but its also a great zeal for people who are watching it.

Well, there are so many people who take the sports as their passion. And if you are one among those you can take your passion of golf playing to the next levels through Phigolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator Game.

Phigolf WGT Edition besides a game is actually an edifying tool that is intended to simulate actual golf play so that beginners can learn and entertain themselves at the same time.

The game actually combines the World Golf Tour (WGT) mobile game app with Phigolf’s golf club sensor to provide you best experience than ever before. The true excitement you experience with the game makes the game one of the most exciting golf simulator in the world for golf passionate.

The best thing which I loved about Phigolf WGT Edition is its portable nature. You can enjoy it in your living room with your friends and family whenever you want. With the help of an app two people at different locations can also play, enjoy and practice the game.

Phigolf is basically a mobile golf simulator system which comes with club sensor to analyse your swing. This then relays the swing data to the Phigolf simulator app. By simply using the sensor (present on the included swing trainer) you can practice the golf playing.

For to enjoy and practise you simply need a smartphone (or a tablet) and the screen, which can be mirrored for a great fascinating experience.

Unlike many other golf simulator systems that cost thousands of dollars in the market, this one is planned to be kept much affordable. And with your help this can be made very much possible. So if you are really passionate about the game why not support the project at now.