Outdoor Smartphone: Safety with Outdoor & Sport

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Outdoor Life is the thing to do, enjoying life. Away from the people for a minute. Enjoying life to it’s fullest. But another big part of our life is the Smartphone. These luxurious pieces of equipment are our technological piece of freedom. But the Outdoor Life lifestyle can cause your phone quite a bit of trouble. Broken screen or an completely broken phone, after accidentally dropping it.

But luckily for you to enjoy life outside. There are a lot of companies spending time and money on developing the best rugged Smartphones. Proof to everything. An example of one of these companies is X-Systems. 3 of the phones they created are the outdoor X-Tel 9500, 9000 and 7500. Highest caliber Smartphones offered by them. Al three phones are drop-proof up to a height of 1.2 meter.

Outdoor Life & Sports life

Also the phones are proof to, water up to depth of 2 meter, shock, dust, freeze and oil. Pretty handy at times while going Outdoor Life. The look off the phones may not be as nice to everyone. A con to some, but that depends on taste. Further the phone is developed with all the features found on per example an iPhone, such as Whatsapp etc

Outdoor Life can take quite a lot of time of your day, causing in some cases your phone to get empty. Really annoying at times. But this also is solved. The 3800 mAh battery on the outdoor X-Tel 9500 is packed for a whole weekend trip or an short travel.

Maybe it won’t always be as easy finding you way Outdoor Life but this also is no problem with the 4G connection. Wherever you are, go on the internet and find what you need to know.

Another feature worth to be mentioned is the implemented screen. It has  a 4”7 inch high definition display. Which is slimmer gives you access to brighter images, has a greater touch sensitivity and is overall way more stronger than its predecessor.

A sunlight readable, completely waterproof and in plane switching (IPS) wide-angle technology using screen. For unmatched viewing experience from all angels. Meaning under the heaviest type of sun, hardest drop this screen will still deliver quality. In short; “The Gorilla Glass 2.0 screen”.

Safety with Outdoor & Sport

But a very important feature, which makes the Outdoor waterproof smartphones special in its kind. The SOS Panic Button. The name says it all. Out living Outdoor Life, you may come across sticky situations. Danger comes in very unexpected. But with the SOS Panic button, your chance coming out safe and well increases quite a bit.

In case of emergency pressing the button sends a message to a per-installed number or emergency service. Maybe lifesaving at times. Also check out more about IP68 waterproof smartphone here.

Really impressive what technology brings us!