New Social Network for Football Fans

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Facebook is for friends and LinkedIn is for professionals, then game enthusiasts, especially football fans must want a platform for their favorite game. Thanks to football social network platforms available online where football fans can check into games, view live status, vote on the actions and tease with rival fans immediately when match opens out.

Football-FansWhat exactly is football social network?

It is the place where football fans can get up-to-date information, live status, etc of games in real-time. Users who check in are asked to mention how they would like to watch the game for example, on TV, online, radio, live or online. Conversations at these network platforms can be filtered, that means, you can view what everyone at a game is saying or just view what fans of a specific team are saying.

Football social network platforms let the neutral fans to say their opinion along with score predictions showed from fans of both teams and neutrals separately. When a user checks into a match, he/she can quickly view how many others fans are checked in for each team.

Social networking platforms for football considers key as the real-time aspect. Fans can choose their own team and vote for replacements. When extra time is given, a picture can emerge to say whether fans of both agree with the manager’s decisions. There is a good number of social network platforms for football fans however, is the gem of the list with fine-tuned features and options. This platform is for fans of all teams, not just the big wheels!

For fans of all clubs is more than a new football social network platform. Users can earn points for their actions, which will change the overall experience of using the network platform. Points are given for positive actions related to users’ own clubs, such as posting comments that get X amount of likes. A user with the most points for a specific team can become chairman however he can be fired if another user gets more points.

Come, join and enjoy the experience!!