Most expensive sport clubs

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Only football is taken into consideration since it is the most commonly played game worldwide; other sports, which are not that much famous, as always, have not been touched upon.


Considering the total value of the foot ball players in the club as the basis parameter, Pluri Consultoria firm arrived at the list of the most expensive sport clubs in the world. Here, foot ball is the sporting event.

The list names the familiarly known Barca i.e. Spanish Barcelona Foot Ball Club as the first one, whose total value of the players aggregate to 600.1 million euros (As per Forbes Magazine, in terms of net value its position is third with its total value at $2,600 million and annual turnover at $ 613 million.) Football Club Real Madrid (Spain) occupies the second position in the list with its total value as 575.3 million euros.

Third position in the list goes to the Football Club Bayern Munich (Germany) with the value at 493.2 million euros. However, in terms of the total net worth Bayern Munich club holds the rank number 5 vide Forbes Magazine. Manchester City of England holds the fourth position and Chelsea Football Club is in the 5th rank.

While on the subject of most expensive sport clubs, it will be worthwhile to have a reference to the richest football clubs in the world also. For this, you may refer to the annual release of the Forbes magazine wherein it publishes the list of richest football clubs based on their value i.e. the total net worth of the club. The list relating to the year 2014 revealed a change in the first two top positions.

The Manchester United, the English Club was holding the highest position in the richest football club list since 2004. Since 2005, this club is under the control of Glazer family, the billionaire sports investor in US. Now, it has slipped down by a narrow margin to the second position, handing over the first to Real Madrid, the Spanish Club.

Both in terms of the net worth and annual revenue, it has lost its paramount position to the Real Madrid. Arsenal, another English club occupies the position as the fourth Richest Football Club in the World.