What Does a Marine Surveyor Do? Why Is He Important?

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If you enjoy spending time on boats, yachts or other watersports you will need to seek out the advice of a marine surveyor at some point.

A marine surveyor assesses the condition of marine vessels such as yachts, commercial ships, tugs, trawlers, dredgers, and other boats.

The assessment aims at ensuring that the vessel is in good sea or river condition. An experienced marine surveyor inspects the gas, hotel, hull, machinery, electrical, and rig systems of a vessel.

Here is a detailed compilation on who a marine surveyor is and what they do.

Types of Surveys Conducted by a Marine Surveyor

• Condition and Valuation survey for purchase and insurance
This survey is a comprehensive condition and valuation survey that involves an in and out of water inspection.

The inspection is aimed at ensuring that all systems work as they should and that the vessel is worth buying. The survey is also a requirement for a bank loan and for the insurance company to ascertain that the boat is worth a risk. Besides, after the survey, a potential buyer can make an informed decision.

• Damage surveys
These types of surveys are needed by insurance companies and boat owners whenever a boat has an accident. The surveyor inspects the vessel to determine the level of damage caused, cost of repairs, and the salvage value.

The damage surveyors often work together with towboats, boat yards, and boat repair shops to determine the actual damage caused.

• Appraisal surveys
It is common for appraisal surveys to be requested for court cases, taxation purposes, or before a donation.

These surveys aim to establish the market value of the vessel; hence the survey is not very rigorous in comparison to other types of surveys.

Usually, a surveyor estimates the value using his expertise in combination with other value guides putting into consideration the depreciation rates.

• Corrosion survey
To test whether a water vessel is corroded, the boat is placed in water. A silver chloride half-cell probe and a meter are used for the test.

The survey involves checking whether the metal fittings on the boat are affected by any stray electrical current. Also, the power supply on the dock and the waters surrounding the vessel are also tested.

Do I Need a Marine Surveyor?

Within the past century, people have embraced yachting for pleasure. Marine surveyors can, therefore, be used to inspect such boats to ensure they remain in good working condition.

However, it is important to note that some surveyors have only specialized in small crafts and cannot inspect the large vessels. As such, you need to ensure the one you need has the right qualifications for your boat.

In the event of an accident, a marine surveyor can be called to inspect and determine the root cause of the problem. After that, the surveyor can act as an expert witness in the event of court hearings.

As long as a marine surveyor is certified by the IIMS Certifying Authority, he or she can conduct other tests such as the coding tests, tonnage surveys, and stability tests on any water vessel.

A marine surveyor conducts tests to ensure that a marine vessel is in proper water condition and that all the systems are working appropriately. The surveyor conducts appraisal surveys, condition and valuation surveys for purchase and insurance, damage surveys, and corrosion surveys.

You can also use a marine surveyor as an expert witness in the courts in the event of an incident. Certified marine surveyors can also conduct tonnage tests, coding tests, and stability tests on boats.