Manicure Your Golf Course with Jacobsen Mowers

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A turf in general term is a surface layer of earth containing a dense growth of grass. Turf is typically used for lawns, sports stadiums, and golf courses around the world. A turf is of great help when one wants to increase the air and water quality, provide cooling, and assist in flood prevention due to excess draining of water.

Golf CourseOne such type among turf is the Golf course turf. Golf course turfs are the layers of grass covering the golf space. The golf course space needs high level of maintenance as it is required to keep the turf free from weeds or insects. The challenging part in any golf course turf is the difficulty in maintaining the grass level at the required height.

A mowing machine comes to aid in golf course turf maintenance. Jacobsen mowers have been the masters in this since centuries. Keeping in mind the cost involved in purchasing a new mower many usually tend to buy a second hand mower, preferably a Jacobsen mower.

Global turf equipment holds a large collection of used and off lease golf course equipment. Working on an area of 35,000 sq.ft. they hold a collection of more than 650 pieces of turf machinery. Their collection of Used turf equipment range from aerators, blowers and vacuums, fairway mowers, green tee mowers, rollers and deck mowers, dressers and spreaders, turf sprayers, tractors and rakes. Other than turf equipment they also have a great selection of golf utility vehicles or sand pro.

The basic survival motto is to ensure that their clients are provided with the best quality products according to the requirement. Hence they always make it a point to test our machines for quality and defect. A team of service technicians associated with Global turf equipment handles disassembling and rebuilding the machine before going ahead with the delivery of machine to the client. Through this process their clients are provided with refurbished machines that run and look brand new.

The company is associated with various shipping partners to ensure the product reach the clients without delay. With a shipment history to more than 80 countries they hold an expertise in shipping the products of any size to anywhere in the world. Global turf equipment is associated in the buying, selling and trade of mowers especially Jacobsen and other brands such as Toro, Club car among others.