Major League Baseball USA

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Major League Baseball (MLB) was founded in 1869 and is a professionally biggest baseball competition. In the MLB, a total of 30 teams participate currently, with 29 teams from the USA and 1 team from Canada.


You will find the teams divided into two major leagues – the American League (with 14 teams) and the National League (with 16 teams). Furthermore, each of these leagues is subdivided into three divisions, Central, East and West.

There are online sites available which lists all the MLB baseball matches that are upcoming, to be played in USA. On the first Sunday in April, the regular season of MLB and its odds get their underway and end in October. This is followed by the postseason.

In the MLB regular season, all the teams in MLB play 162 matches every year, before the end of the season in October. Every match is said to offer a vast range of the MLB odds comparison.

Before all this, the Spring training is conducted. In the training, there are usually the exhibition games and series of game practice sessions, which lasts for about two months. The postseason involves 8 teams, where the first play-off round is taken from best-of-five series and then comes best-of-seven Championship Series and the best-of-seven World Series.

An All-Star Game is played midway through the season, usually during the start of July where the MLB National League team players take on the American League players’ team. The most successful MLB team is always the New York Yankees.

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