Knowing about Crown Green Bowling

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Crown green is the code used for bowls which are used in outdoors games for playing on artificial surface also known as Bowling Green. These green bowls are mostly played in Northern part of England. The crown bowls are mostly played on artificial grass surface which is very smooth for playing.  The bowling green also has ditch around its edge.

Crown Green Bowling

The bowling green has various shapes such as rectangular L-shaped or square etc. To make the game a little more difficult the crown green bowling also has other features such as the surface is sometimes a little ridged, or is little hollowed or may be sloppy making the game more difficult. The rules related to shape and size of crown green bowling is laid down by British Association.

The second hand used bowls are those bowls which are already being used by players in previous games. There are lot of second hand bowls available on a lot of websites. Such site is being created for offering bowls at affordable rates. Such sites are specially made for those customers who want second hand bowls at reasonable prices. All information regarding second hand bowls is placed on the website.

The bowls used in crown green bowling is also known as woods. These bowls do not have any official marking as there is no need for such markings. The Manufactures provides common branding and weight to all the bowls. But players gives some type of marking to the bowl so that they can easily identify the bowl.

These second bowls are being sold in the market according to their weight. Earlier, these bowls were made from vitae wood but now days they are being made from plastic. Plastic bowls have a more consistent density as compared to wooden bowls. The website of second hand bowls is becoming very popular among customers.