Knowing about Australian Football League

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Australian Football League is well known sport in Australia. AFL is a national sporting event and millions of fans witness this grand event in March and September. The main competition of the AFL which is sometimes called Aussie Rules is Premiership cup.

Australian Football League

The AFL is the most attended porting league in Australia and one of the two most watched sports in Australia. It has other credentials including most financially sound sports league, world’s third most attended professional sports leagues.

Several regional Aussie rules clubs merge to form AFL. The AFL after Australian Rules football also known as Footy is the powerful, wealthy and influential organization in Australian sport.

The history of AFL Premiership began in 1858 in Melbourne. In 1879 first inter colonial match was played between Victoria and SA. In 1925 Victorian Football League became the most prominent league.

The South Australian National Football Legume, The west Australian Football League and the Victorian Football league were the peers for most of the 20th century. In 1990, Victorian Football League’s governing body decided to market the competition and Australian Football League came into being.

There are 17 teams from around the country that fight for AFL championship. These teams play each other to win the AFL championship. They play 24 rounds. The emerging top 8 teams fight it out for the two seats in the finals series. Following the preliminaries, finals will be played.

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