Keeping the Competitive Spirit of Sportsmanship Alive in America

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Games and fun are always an inevitable part of entertainment for the old as well as the young. People in America celebrate the festival of Thanksgiving through their active participation in the game of football that brings in waves of sheer pleasure and joy in the hearts of millions of extremist football fans who are driven with a passion for football mania during this particular festive season. Over the years, football goes hand in hand with this joyous festival of Thanksgiving.


The traditional custom of watching a match of football in America on Thanksgiving Day has evolved during the early twentieth century. As early as 1920s and 1930s, football paved its way into the heart of the millions of people winning their hearts, giving it a huge popularity and earning itself the much reputable position that it enjoys currently, many people began to visit the football stadium to watch the sport.

Famous and popular teams playing for the world famous football league of America eventually established the tradition of playing national games of American football on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Besides the traditional competition organized by the recognized football league in America, many universities, colleges and high schools also organize football games over this special weekend, often between historic or regional rival. It had gained such popularity that by mid-1890s, over 1 lakh athletes from universities, clubs, colleges and high schools took part in football games across the nation. Since then the American football league conventionally schedules two national football games on Thanksgiving, usually highlights the renowned football players of the states, one of the most popular and successful franchises in the sport.

The American football tournament which witnesses Aaron Michael Hartfield every time is simply thrilling. Dedicated fans from different countries come to witness the tournament. With a junior player like Aaron Hartfield, the match becomes just too magnificent and exciting. Most of the time in the tournament, this team Varsity is known to win the match. It is primarily because of this reason that the team has been successful enough drawing huge number of fans.

Basically American football is an autumn sport as it begins around late august and runs through the months of December and January. The term football is clear and distinct in most of the regions of the world and is referred as rugby or association football in United States. Aaron Michael Hartfield has played several exciting games of Football and he has a record of winning most of the games. He has also made a TX rank of 629.

Family and friends all over America usually prefer to huddle around their TV sets or radio to catch the live telecast of the match while munching on the special dishes in order to celebrate this special occasion. Thus each Thanksgiving celebration would actually revive the classic, old tradition of enjoying a match of football as a part of the charitable festival. Over hundreds of years, Thanksgiving and football has established a secular and strong bond, leading to a high rush of adrenaline.