Japanese Martial Arts: A Brief Introduction

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Watching martial arts stunts is of course a thrilling experience, and will always feel to have learnt this brilliant fight form. However; with opening of so many martial arts schools, people are taking keen interest in developing this hobby. Parents are also interested in enrolling their kids into martial arts, but very few of us know about the origins of martial arts. Martial art is believed to be originated from the Japan.

Hapkido holds many throwing techniques in comm...

Hapkido holds many throwing techniques in common with judo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Japanese martial arts are different and unique from other martial art you see. The martial arts of Japan do not make use of any weapons, as they did not belong to the warrior class. This art majorly emphasis on an uninterrupted course of physical movements, that combines the physical and mental balance.

Japan has made a significant contribution to its modern martial arts practices. We all know by now that it is widely practiced with the coloured belt systems that suggest its rankings. The popular Japanese martial art forms that are commonly practiced worldwide are:

Karate: It is a very common name, which doesn’t need any introduction. Technically speaking it is the similar type of a Taekwondo or Kung-Fu. Karate martial art form has no weapons to use.

Judo: It is a known Japanese martial art form that has its roots heading from 19th century. It focuses on the person’s spirit and body.

Aikido: This martial art form teaches of how to overpower your enemy by using minimum of your energy. It takes a lot more of concentration and determination to practice this.

Jujitsu: It is a famous Japanese martial art form which has more of combat pattern. Punches, throwing techniques are the core part of this fighting art.

Sumo: We have seen two sumo wrestlers fighting and is quite an entertaining thing which is widely practiced and showcased worldwide. This fight form has a lot of precision, alertness, skill and concentration involve.

If you are keen on practicing one of the above mentioned Japanese martial art forms, then there are lot many places which are into teaching these fight arts. Also, there are many online web portals where you will able to find the detailed information on this that will help you to make decision to choose on one.

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