Interview with sports betting expert Arialdo Gerbasi

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  • Hi, Arialdo, please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Arialdo Gerbasi. Born in 1965, Italy. I have bachelor degree in Economy and I am crazy sports fan.

  • Tell us about your career

After graduation I worked as bartender in local cafeteria. As I remember now it was wonderful time for me. Italy hosted World Cup in 1990, football was at peak. I had no big money but still was very frequent local betting shop visitor. My attitude formed back then, when I discovered that sports and math knowledge could be used to make good money in sports betting.

Later, for about 4 years, I had no job and my betting activity didn’t produce the results I expected. In 1998 I was hired as an assistant manager in local car shop. The next step was taken when I started to work for Bet365 in 2002.

  • You are known as sports betting shark. Tell us more about your sports betting experiences.

Well, I could write a book about it, believe me. Sport betting is my passion and my fortune. From the very beginning I knew it is my way to earn living. However, sports betting have changed a lot since internet era began. Winning became way more difficult.

  • How did you decide to become professional punter instead of being on bookmaker’s side?

I would never make this kind of money working at betting company as an employee. Besides, it is much more fun to be on the “bad guys” side. It is exciting and good paying activity.

  • Tell us more about your project idea formed in 2012. We started to work as team. Some guys attend live games, some are catching good odds at local bookies and some are reporting the hottest news directly from manager’s office or press conference. We communicate all the time. This network requires a lot of money, so we needed to draw some investors. In June 2014 was launched and now is available for everyone to become part our betting team or invest money for high and stable returns.

  • I know and everybody knows that sport betting is very risky. How you deal with it?

Ok. I know that forex and stock markets are extremely risky. Freight or production businesses are also extremely risky. If I knew a niche that is not risky I would throw all the money in it. The economy is never still, you have to accommodate all the time. And I tell you, sport betting holds way less risk than other financial activity. It is risky for those who gamble. We are making 20% profit per month and we control this thing. Tell me any other legal businesses that produce this steady profit.

  • You mean if I have 1000$ with, you would give me 1200$ in the end of month?

Yes, from the investors perspective you would earn about 200$ in one month. This may vary from 12% to 30%, but average profitability is 20%. Plus, you will have to pay 27% commission fee which is deducted from your profit. Finally, you will have about 150$ profit in one month.

  • What do I have to do to become investor?

You must have money to invest first. On the working side we take care of the business. It works as loan, but with better interest. Many people used to buy betting picks from tipsters online these days. At you buy bunch of professional tipsters, insiders and scouts team for 27% of your profit. Some long time investors are paying 20% commission to

  • Could you reveal any secret how to win in sports betting?

The only real secret in betting is fixed matches. It is criminal activity, bet very popular in Asia and Europe. At we have our own ways to deal with fixes and actually it is the easiest way to earn for us and our investors.

And of course you have to possess some good qualities if you want to be successful, like emotional stability, determination, logical reasoning and natural interest in sports.