What Is A Surf Wax and How To Apply It Correctly?

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What Is A Surf Wax?

It’s a kind of wax that surfers apply on their surf board (on the top surface or deck). It is generally made up of paraffin, beeswax or other hard waxes.

In some of these waxes petroleum jelly may also be present to make them softer.

Applying the wax on a surfboard is a crucial most step before you go surfing. This is to provide the surfer with extra grip and traction for additional safety.

Without a surfboard wax (also called as surfwax) on a surf board, a surfer can slip off their board and can risk their life greatly.

How to Apply Surf Wax Correctly?

Waxing a surf board may appears to be tough but is actually easy if you follow certain tips and guidelines.

Just get a bar of a good fragranced wax and rub it up and down the deck and start shredding… but truly it is not that simple! Slow down. Going for good waxing is a nuance.

So, here is how to apply surf wax correctly. Let’s check it out…

  1. Every surf wax isn’t made equal. When you are looking for surf wax for your water, make sure you keep the ocean temperature in mind. A lot of surf max producers make wax for warm, cool, tropical and cold waters. Go for cool water wax in the tropics waters and it will melt off in minutes. Go for tropical wax in the cool water and you won’t be able to apply it on your board only. Thus, you should know the water temp before picking your wax.
  2. Commence with cleaning your board. Greasy, dirty wax on your board will smear and make your new wax dirty. Clean your board to evenly spread the wax and make a cot which stays uniformly for a longer time.
  3. Put a base coat first. All surf wax isn’t same. Thus, several wax manufacturers produce base coat wax which is hard and create small beads for upper layer of wax to stick to. Thus, giving your board a good spread of base coat is important for a perfect foundation
  4. Be gentle. Everyone has their own technique of applying the wax. Some rub in small circles, others prefer geometric lines and some just rub it in any direction. But one thing to keep in mind is that it should be applied gently. If you be hard, the wax will smear. Rub the wax up and down the deck so that it creates tiny little beads which render right grip and traction while you are on it and riding.
  5. Some manufacturers make wax which are very sticky. It should be applied in low amount at places where you will keep your feet. In just a few rubs, it will get super sticky.
  6. Go for a quick comb. If you have applied a new coat of wax, then sometimes you need to comb your board deck to rough things up.

Where should you put wax on the surf board?

A lot of people prefer grip in their hand to hold on during duck drive. You can use traction pads and stomp pads for this.

How to Wax a Surfboard Perfectly in Just Few Minutes?