How to Select Second Hand Bowls?

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There are an amazing number of different models of bowls accessible and you have an equally large number of bowlers who are using the wrong size bowl. Often beginners completely get lost before commencing. Thus, rather than spending bulk of money on new bowls, it is better to go for second hand bowls and set your hand.  It is better to go with the ball that is used and recommended by your friends and team mates.

Basically, there are few factors which you should consider while selecting bowls- like grip, model, size, bias and weight, but it isn’t as simple as it appears to be. There are 30 different types of bowls and it gets very confusing to select the bowl with the right bias, size and weight.

Size: You have 8 different sizes of bowl accessible from 00 – 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7. But the last two are quite rare! The size is the diameter of the running surface explained in inches.

Thus a size 4 bowl means it has a diameter of 4 inches. Going for the right bowl size is important. One important point to keep in mind while deciding the size of the bowl is that always play with the heaviest and biggest bowl you’re comfortable with.

Weight: Next is the weight of the bowl. Check on side and you’ll see a number like 3H or 5M. There are four types of weights of bowl, extra heavy (XH), medium heavy (MH), heavy (H) and medium (M). Players majorly use medium and heavy! Weight should be selected keeping in mind the size of the bowl. It is recommended to purchase heavier bowls irrespective of the size.

Bias: Bias bowls means that the bowls are not equally weighed. If you see the bowl’s running surface, then one side is a little heavier in comparison to the other. Thus, there is a little weight change from one side to the other. Thus, it gives bowl with a bias while running.

Things to consider while finding out the bias of second hand bowls is whether you need it for indoor or lawn bowl? It is suggested that when you play indoor, then you should use a narrower bias bowl. And for a lawn bowler, you can for a wider bias.