How to Jump Higher

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The skill of jumping is very important for many athletic activities. Therefore, here are a few tips on how to jump higher vertically which will improve your skill set.

Tip 1

Jump Steps: Before launching yourself to a jump, it is important to achieve a better height of jump and so you need to practice how to take those jump steps. These steps provide you with greater stability, better throw and a higher jump with a good landing. Taking 2-3 steps is what pros recommend and practicing these steps will help you get used to it as it forms a habit.

Tip 2

Jumping Position: The moment you have mastered the jump steps, is when you need to set your jumping position straight. Many jumpers neglect their position setting which results in poor height of jump or awkward landing. Therefore position yourself comfortably to enable a good launch for your jump and also give a better power with stability for landing the jump.

It is recommended by pros to avoid “knock knees” and so keep your feet apart by a foot or two of distance and also bend your knees at an angle not more than 30 degrees, your hips not more than 60 degrees and your ankles should not be bent more than 25 degrees.

Tip 3

Jump & Land: Once your jump is visualized well in your head, it becomes easy to take off. Always land on the balls of your feet to avoid injuries. Practice these jumps while keeping these tips in mind for best results.

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