How to Earn and Get Free Xbox Codes

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There are many ways whereby Xbox fanatics can obtain free codes. A lot of them will be pretty much the same thing as they do certain things in exchange for codes. Well, this is technically earning money on the side for Xbox codes.

But before you try them out, there are chances that you can get scammed and your money gets wasted. So, you should get in touch with sites like Money Back if you get into such a problem ever.
So, with that said, here are a few ways we are talking about…

Microsoft Free Weekends

Watch out for free weekends to be hosted by Microsoft. Be sure to take advantage of free play but keep an eye on your dashboard since they will usually put out promotional offers where they offer free Xbox Live codes up for grabs.

Buy a Year-Long Membership

An annual membership may cost you some $50 or so but it will have its perks. Some of those perks include a free month of playtime.

Game Booklet Rush

If you know people who don’t really read their new game booklets or bother with their game cases then you can ask them if you can have the poor unwanted things.

They sometimes contain promo codes that have from two days up to three months of free gold membership.

Free Trial Card

Speaking of Xbox 360 packaging, have you checked yours? If you haven’t, it’s about time that you look for that free trial card in the packaging. There can be a free trial membership card that you can use for two full months.

Using the Codes

Once you have the codes for your Xbox it is pretty easy to use them. All you have to do is get online on your Xbox and enter the codes to activate your free game time. There are many ways to get Xbox Live codes and save from $10 to $50 of game time.