How to Become a Sports Know-it-all

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We are all proud of our sports knowledge until we end up in a tipsy bar dispute with someone who seems to know-it-all. To admit defeat on this field, can be just as painful as watching our favorite team lose a crucial game. When the other person can see right through your attempts to fake knowledge, you are doomed to embarrassment. . You have to do your homework. With the new knowledge you have accumulated, you will enter the arena with a thunderous applause.

Bigger Fish to Fry

Sports talk is a social obsession that no man, or even a woman, is immune too. It’s what keeps many sports junkies going. It might be a walk in the park to impress family members with your sports knowledge, but what if you have a bigger fish to fry?

We all feel like experts on our own court, but when an important away match against a worthy opponent is about to begin, many chicken out. They realize they are just die-hard fans with excess passion for sports. Unfortunately, they have a serious lack of knowledge of facts and figures.

To make things worse, TV is no longer your smartest friend. It offers 24/7 news coverage of every sport imaginable, but that still isn’t good enough. Also, watching matches over the weekend just doesn’t cut it in a world of digital information. Reading outdated columns in a newspaper is another relic of the past as well.

Respect the game

On popular websites you can read the latest articles, engage in conversation with people checking on them, and even interact with the authors who wrote them. It’s easy to find the most current NFL rumors at, or the hottest stories from any other sport you prefer. If you missed an important match, make sure to catch up by finding the highlights and comments.

When something big happens, social networks like Twitter are often the first to know and react. The athletes are navigating these digital waters with pleasure, and sport fans are trying everything to get into their minds. However, there is a great deal of misleading information floating around. It’s safe to say that you should rely on more than one source.

If you’re not updating your information on a daily basis, then obtaining it isn’t worth a dime. Sometimes we feel like we should be working full-time on our sport knowledge, but you have to look at it from another perspective. Today, we all have smartphones and various applications we can summon at any time. Why not check the latest fixtures and statistics while waiting for a bus, or during a coffee break?

Think outside the box! Tossing around known facts in a casual conversation is for those just entering the thrilling world of sports. People that provide insight to others and cover all angles will spark attention during halftimes. Just keep in mind that a true sports fan not only knows the game, but also respects it.

The ball’s in your court

Who doesn’t like to talk sports and bond with other enthusiasts? The most educated person on a couch, or at a bar table, is always the man of the match. To pull that off, you need to get serious and do your research.

You can always read any book or sport magazine you can get your hands on, or even watch TV until you fall asleep. However, to become a mobile sports encyclopedia, it takes more than that. Online resources are overshadowing other sources of sport info, and you can’t afford to overlook them. When you do meet someone who’s out of your league, make sure to be a good listener. Silence is sometimes golden, and loud boosting is most often lost in all that noise.