Hawk-Eye To Amateur Tennis Players

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Call it a passion or an interest, every person possesses the desire to play tennis and be a good sportsperson. It is the most desired game by teenagers in their college days to enjoy with friends and colleagues. It is not an effortless game to play and have fun, as it requires a lot of practice and knowledge to understand it and enjoy fully.


Actually, hundreds of tennis players question themselves “In what way can I improve my tennis game?” but none find a quite suitable answer to it as this requires something new and advanced skill to help them come out of the confusion of the game.

To clear and solve it, you have mytenniscam device that works as your companion all through the gamete very movement of yours is tracked in it till the last point to let you know where you went wrong and how you played the game from the beginning.

Helps you with 3D representation

This device works as a Hawk eye to trace your ball’s route and send it to your mobile apps. It reads the real time, tracks the path on the camera which can be observed later to make some improvements. Isn’t it interesting to improve your game better than before? Yes, it is, as the device is combined to give an exact 3D representation of the trail of the ball and the movements you performed to play all through the game.

Best companion to record your play

You can pick the right tennis record cam at http://igg.me/at/MyTennisCam to track your game and solve the problems with it. Definitely, it works as it comes in a compact camera which you can carry anywhere and set on the net pole to record the game and feed on your mobile apps.

We understand that you have taken a deep breath after knowing that the device which you desired from years was before you finally. So, simply know its features and it is ready to use.