Greyhound Racing: A Favorite Sports for Many

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Like horse racing, greyhound racing is used either for enjoyment in an amateur way or as legalized gambling or wager among the public.

In this, the greyhound dogs are made to chase an artificial rabbit or hare (called ‘lure’) on a track, till the greyhounds touch or cross the particular finish line.

Greyhound RacingIt has been an organized and competitive industry with commercial greyhound racing in eight countries like Australia, Mexico, Ireland, UK, US, Vietnam, etc.

Also, it’s popular in certain countries like Argentina, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc., the greyhound racing is non-commercial.

Compared to horse racing, greyhound racing is not that much profitable.

However, it has occupied an important position around the world due to the fact that it’s much entertaining and exciting just like the magic show of magicien professionnel Paris.

Since it is organized as an industry for promotion, protection and enhancement of greyhound racing sports there several characteristics like federations or trade associations for greyhound racing, organized and well maintained race tracks, regulatory structure, fees charged by the host locations, sharing of the gambling proceeds between the host state and subdivisions, dog boarding/ breeding kennels and their usage, number of greyhounds that will participate in the races, official racing code, etc.

Since the betting or enjoyment centers round the greyhounds, great care is bestowed in the welfare and health of the dogs. The running machines – greyhounds become competitively unfit for racing after about 4 to 6 years. Best dogs are used for breeding. Also, a movement for greyhound adoption and rescue has gathered momentum, in that the retired racing dogs will be maintained as a pet in homes.

There are many betting personnel/ companies approved as betting partner and are licensed and regulated by the Governments. Such partners provide all information regarding the greyhound racing sports, details of the dogs, racing times, results of the racing, live/ free betting, However, in many areas, greyhound racing is made legal and also there is movement to end greyhound racing.