Going into the Home Stretch of the 2016-17 Premier League Season

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Last season, Leicester beat the 5000 to 1 odds and secured the Premiership title. This is not the season for a Cinderella story.

This year, the team that helped Leicester secure that title, Chelsea, may come out on top.

With less than a handful of games remaining in the Premier League season, the big question is who will make it into the top four. Two teams have secured their spots, with four teams vying for the other two spots.

Who’s on top

Chelsea appears to be the front-runner, with a four-point cushion thus far. Under Conte’s leadership, the revitalized squad has produced some outstanding, consistent performances to put them where they are right now.

Tottenham have secured themselves a top-four finish with their points accumulation. Tottenham have an outside chance of winning the Premier League if Chelsea loses their two remaining fixtures.

It seems unlikely that Chelsea misses this opportunity.

Who else is in it to win it

That leaves Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal (in order of their respective standing in the league). Any one of those teams can grab the other two spots to secure their European Champions League participation.

Liverpool failed to beat Southampton in their last game. Their remaining fixtures, however, are more favorable than the matches the other four teams face.

Whereas Liverpool has the points in the bag, the other three teams have more remaining games to be played. This adds to their pressure to win the points needed.

Manchester City is coming off a 5-0 win this past weekend. Manchester City is in form right now. They have two more competitive games than the rest of the teams.

If Manchester City wins their remaining three fixtures it will secure them the third spot. Again, that is not an easy task because their opponents are very competitive.

Is Manchester United going to pull through?

Manchester United are caught in a dilemma. They are still competing in the Europa League, which if they win will guarantee them European Champions League next season.

The European Champions League is a priority for Manchester United and, currently, seems to be their main focus.

This was made evident with the eight changes to the starting lineup to face Arsenal in the past game, so as to rest players for the second leg of the Europa League Semifinal.

Having just come off a 2-0 loss to Arsenal, Manchester United’s main challenge now is emotionally being up for the remaining Premier League games of which one of those games is against Tottenham.

Arsenal’s Status

Arsenal is their own worst enemy. The first win for Arsene Wenger over Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United this past weekend will boost morale and potentially give them the impetus to finish the season well. Bear in mind that if they do not finish in the top four, it will be the first time in Wenger’s tenure.

Wrapping up

The fight for the top four spots this year has been more challenging than ever. It’s shaping up to go down to the last game of the season.

This is why the Premier League is the best in the world.

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