Get Rid of DOMS Problem with Best Essential Oils

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DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a much casual response to daily exercising and those who hold experience for the elite and beginner athlete. Basic symptoms range from minor muscle soreness to austere devastating pain. Though DOMS is a common phenomenon for the practicing athletes and has been under studies for several years, there is no specific theory to give an explanation about its underlying cause or a modality treatment that could render good relief.

essential oils for doms

As per the current theory, the unusual exercising leads to a micro tearing of fibers of the muscles and the damaged muscles produce a sore response. This after- exercise inflammation causes further muscular damage and obstruct any kind of repair and retrieval of the muscular tissue. DOMS is quite common when you commence training on a new sport or practice rigorously.

Such kind of workout and exercise causes the muscle fiber to deliberately contract when they’re lengthening offering a braking muscular action. Weight training, down movement like push-ups and squats and running are common eccentric exercises which cause DOMS. The sturdy shift in the contraction leads to the tear of the microscopic muscle which triggers DOMS.

The most common treatment suggested for this is to rest and offer enough time for the injured muscle to undergo healing. However, several athletes train even during this pain and incur additional injuries. DOMS ends normal muscular functioning and causes compensatory alterations in the muscle function and affixing patterns, which overstresses the tendons and muscle ligaments.

This disparity often causes more injury and gives up on the athlete’s capability to train as per his full potential. As DOM requires a practice to take some time off from rigorous training, it can take quite long for him to accomplish similar fitness levels.

However, with DOMS essential oil, you can be 100% sure to recover at a fast pace. No matter whether you’re a novice sports practitioner, a boxer, dancer, footballers, cyclists, body builder, golfer or gym trainer, you can easily use essential oil for DOMS to relieve your muscle from such unforeseen circumstances.

The essential oils also has an energizing fragrance which helps in improvising your mind. The scent blends in and is amazingly effective when teamed with good hydration and massage. So, use the oil and see the effect on your broken ligaments and tendons. You’re bound to feel the difference in just one day!